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Investment Strategy


Our Reg. D Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is available for review below.

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Deal Flow

Performing Discounted 1st Liens
Expected Returns 9% – 14%

Non-Performing Discounted 1st Liens
Expected Returns 16% – 30%

Distressed Assets
Expected Returns 18% – 35%

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Deal Sources

  • Loan Trade Platforms
  • Public Records
  • Special Servicers
  • Collection Firms
  • Wholesale Realtors
  • Special Servicers
  • Banks
  • Attorney’s
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Capital Structure

Up to $20 Million is non-preferred Common Stock

Up to $10 Million in non-voting Preferred Stock

Third Party non-recourse low leverage transaction based debt

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Sweet Spot Collateral

Residential homogeneous existing collateral $200M – $500M price point

Residential unfinished new construction properties with mechanic liens (NPA’s)

Commercial in-demand properties such Office, Retail and Condo


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Our Strategy

Smart Investments

We purchase real estate related instruments (Non-Performing, Discounted Performing and Reperforming loans). We will also acquire liens attached to real estate due to non-payment of Taxes, Homeowners Association Dues, Special Assessments, Mechanic Liens and other valid liens. We will employ well known wholesale real estate flipping techniques utilizing Option contracts. Proprietary data-mining techniques allow us to filter and refine thousands of records in selected Counties and States. We will filter and track sequential data which provide opportunities to cherry pick assets for acquisition. Underlying collateral market value coupled with ROI are the cornerstones for every decision we make. The foundation of our Strategies were developed from decades of experience as Mortgage financiers, Advanced Risk Management Practices and a deep understanding of the Toxic Mortgage life cycle.
Generally speaking, “purchase and hold” is a tactic utilized during Bull Markets and is currently employed by the masses, not one of our primary strategies at this time. As Real Estate values are rapidly peaking in some areas, extraordinary low CAP Rates, unsustainable rent increases and building material cost increases, we are concerned that purchasing at this time to go long is a questionable strategy.
We understand “NO IDEA IS GOOD FOREVER”: The era of instant unlimited information, communication and advanced artificial intelligence is forever changing the landscape of how wise investors should be doing business, these new tools bring opportunities and challenges we have not yet experienced. On the other hand, the concepts and mechanics involved in going long or short remains substantially unchanged.
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